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A Lawn Aerator for maintaining your lawn

The concept behind aerating your lawn is fairly simple. It rejuvenates your lawn by removing areas of thatch, making your soil less compact and allowing your lawn to less restrictive for water penetration.

Over the life of your lawn you will notice that its continual growth will cause some of these problems to become apparent. Left alone and ignored your lawn will eventually die or struggle to grow and will show signs of stress. Before these signs become visible and the view of your lawn detracts from your garden you will need to provide some maintenance with te use of a lawn aerator.

But which one should you use? Take a look at some of these examples.

  • Lawn Aerator SandalsLawn Aerator Sandals This is an easy option when your lawn isn't too compacted. It's not a good alternative if you're having serious problems with your lawn but if you want to keep up with some general maintenance these are a good idea.

    Strap the sandals to your feet as you perform many of your gardening tasks and these work as you do. They don't need to be applied during a particular season but they may cause some problems if you wear them when your lawn is wet or snow-covered.

  • Fuel-Powered Lawn Aeratorfuel-powered-lawn-aerator.jpg
    Fuel powered aerators are great for an annual aeration of your lawn. They're heavy duty machines which will remove thatch very well but shouldn't be used on a regular basis, i.e. more than once per year. It may be wiser to hire this type of aerator than to keep one yourself.

    The best time to use it on your lawn is toward the end of winter for areas that don't suffer frosts or snow and early spring for those regions that do.

  • Electric Lawn AeratorElectric Lawn Aerator
    This is a similar machine to the Fuel-Powered Lawn Aerator with the difference being it is powered by electricty. The only limitation of this type of machine is the length of your extension cord. If you're working in areas with high traffic such as public gardens these really aren't an option for safety reasons. Also, if the lawn is quite large you will probably find the fuel-powered aerator a better choice.

    These are great for home gardens and you will find the price much cheaper than a fuel-powered machine.

  • Hand-Powered Lawn Aerator
    Hand-Powered Lawn Aerators are a step up from the sandals and not as easy to use as the electric aerator. The benefit is they can be used throughout the year, are cheap to purchase and have a limited maintenance regime.

    The beauty of a hand-powered aerator is that it is also easy to store in your shed and doesn't take up much room. They can be cleaned easily and the tines can be sharpened regularly.

  • Tow Behind Lawn AeratorTow Behind Lawn Aerator If you have a large expanse of lawn and currently use a lawn tractor (ride-on mower) then this is the aerator for you. Obviously it's at the top end of the price spectrum but when you have large lawns price is not the overriding factor - time usually is. This one attaches straight on to your lawn tractor and can be used quite easily and effectively.

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