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Husqvarna's new Robotic Lawn Mower: Fully Automatic

Husqvarna Robot Robotic Automatic Lawn Mower
The new Automower from Husqvarna is sure to be a winner in the garden this year and the reason: its new Luran S styrene plastic cover. It's a new plastic developed by BASF that won't fade or crack even under the most extreme weather conditions.

It was developed in a joint venture between Husqvarna and BASF and is the Swedish manufacturer's first foray into the robotic lawn mowing field. If this is their starting point I'm sure they'll be in for the long haul but with a US$2000 starting price tag you may not see too many of these in gardens this year.

The Automower is powered by battery and works on a boundary wire that's implanted on the edge of your property. The genius behind this model though is that it doesn't require supervision and setup by the owner. Once it's programmed the Automower lives outside permanently and will start by itself and return to its base for recharging once your lawn is mowed.

This revolutionary mower will certainly be the item of choice for most armchair gardeners. It really is a set-and-forget tool.

The next step in the progression for a truly automated robotic lawn mower will be Husqvarna's plans to produce a solar-powered mower. While the Automower must return to the base plate for recharging the solar-powered version will rely purely on the sun to recharge itself.

Can this mower maintain an average lawn? Sure. It can mow up to 1800 square metres in one go and it works on the principle of a grazing animal: cutting little but often. However, unlike a grazing animal it has little or no emissions.

Sources: Styrene plastics protect Husqvarna lawnmower inner workings and A Survey of Robot Lawn Mower's

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