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Cordless electric lawn mowers

cordless electric lawn mower
Using electric products in the garden may be more environmentally friendly than their fuel-powered counterparts but they also more frustrating. Gardens and lawns are not the best suited for dragging an electrical cord around them attached to a piece of machinery that is only focussed on getting the job done.

The same is true with lawn mowers. The first electric lawn mowers to hit the market were, of course, those that required an extension cord connected to an outdoor power point or being fed through a window into an indoor electrical socket. These types of electric lawn mowers still exist and are still being manufactured but fortunately there is a new breed of electric mower - and it's cordless!

Cordless lawn mowers are powered by rechargeable battery systems usually with NiCad 24V currency. The NiCad batteries have a 1000 cycle life expectancy and after overnight recharging will guarantee 30-45 mins of lawn mowing time.

The downside on the cordless mower equation is that they certainly don't have the grunt required for many lawns. If your lawn isn't well manicured and constantly mowed most cordless electric lawn mowers will be underpowered to cut through the grass. Also, due to the time most lawns take to mow a one battery system will be ineffective or would require at least one, if not multiple, replacement batteries.

However, as I mentioned before, the big plus in the cordless vs corded mower debate is their ability to be manoeuvred similarly to their fuel-powered peers. There are no restrictions on where an electric cordless can go.

Likewise, one can utilise the services of a cordless mower regardless of the weather conditions safely. There is no need to be concerned over electrical cords becoming wet and tripping your fuses.

Who makes cordless electric lawn mowers?

Sunlawn - EM-1 Electric Reel Mower - Sunlawns are trusted reel mowers and this one looks like a pearler. The battery specifications I mentioned previously are surpassed by this model but is still only useful for slow low-growing lawns such as bermuda, blue grass and fescues.

Black & Decker - CMM1000 Cordless Rechargeable Mulching Mower Hassle-free start with a flip of the switch and the mower can be operated with 60-70% recharged battery in less than 4 hours or completely recharged within 16.

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