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Cyclone Rake lawn and leaf vacuum review

cyclone rake review
Released since September last year the Cyclone Rake has been wooing consumers with medium to large-sized properties. The Cyclone Rake Pro is one of three in the series, this one aimed predominantly at homeowners with bigger properties complements the smaller Platinum Edition Cyclone Rake while the Cyclone Rake Commercial Pro model is suited for commercial lawn applications.

The Cyclone Rake Pro has a 6hp OHV engine and can collect more than 1000 litres (285 gallons) of leaf and lawn debris, 40% more than its little brother the Platinum Edition. The Commercial Pro is bigger again able to collect more than 1500 litres of debris from its 7hp OHV engine.

These leaf and lawn vacuums make light work of cleaning up whether it is fallen leaves or grass clippings and they're easy store, folding flat to be kept in a garage or shed.

These machines have great after-sales service and very few problems although some operators complain about the zips breaking (possibly a design flaw). The engines have been flawless and no mention of any recalls.

Price: (All in approx US$) - Platinum Edition ($975); Cyclone Rake Pro ($1050); and the Cyclone Rake Pro Commercial ($1275).

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