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Drinking while mowing

drinking lawn mowing We've all heard the "Don't Drink while Driving" messages and may have even been warned about drinking while skippering a water vessel, but have we stopped to contemplate drinking while mowing. There are many of us gardeners who don't mind, in the middle of the summer heat, throwing back a couple of cold ones while walking behind our push mowers.

Is there a possible risk? Sure. Consider operating a bandsaw or powersaw after having a couple of beers and you will realise it's the same issue at stake. Alcohol slows the brain's impulses down and reaction times become tardier. We can make poor judgments that we wouldn't make had we been completely sober.

There are plenty of mower operators who have had close calls with blades, or who have allowed small children to play with mowers after they've had a few that should jolt us into making good decisions about the intake of alcohol while we operate small machinery.

If you want to have a drink while mowing the lawn, keep it to water and hold the beer on ice until you've put the mower back in the shed.

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