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Environmentalists warn of fuel powered mower emissions

lawn mower emissions
The end of fuel-powered lawn mowers could be under more scrutiny as environmentalists latch on to the facts that these types of mowers emit more harmful gases per litre of fuel than your average car. This article, To keep the garden green this summer, lay off the mower reported by the UK's News Telegraph is hoping to prompt readers to change their lawn mowing habits.

The environmental groups want gardeners to use machines that emit fewer gases such as electric mowers or better still hand-powered mowers. While this is a great way to head, for those with larger areas this is just not practical. Something the report failed to consider was that most people don't use their lawn mowers as often as they drive their cars so while they may not be as efficient they're not operating for the same time spans.

What are your opinions? Do you think that regulators should start to dictate what lawn mowers we and can't use?

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