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Lawn mower catalytic converters

catalytic converter
As the world becomes more 'green' expect to see more environmental regulations imposed on lawn mowers. From January 1, 2007 Californian residents won't be able to buy a fuel powered mower without a catalytic converter being installed and there is talk that retro-fitting existing lawn mowers may also become an issue.

Lawn mowers emit 93 times more pollution than a car and while many of us are protected in the vehicle emitting the noxious gases the same doesn't apply for lawn mowers. We walk behind or sit atop them breathing in the fumes as we mow.

While catalytic converters may be the current discussion for environmental regulators don't be surprised to see some debate on decibel levels either. It seems the humble lawn mower is destined to be pulled into the 'green" 21st century kicking and screaming.

Catalytic Converters coming soon to a lawn mower near you

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