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Zero turn mowers review

For those gardeners who have lawns exceeding 1/2 acre or more and are considering buying a new machine, the decision has become even harder. In past years the decision was always a riding lawn mower. You may have needed to then decide whether it was an MTD, John Deere, Honda or Cub Cadet but it was always going to be a tractor mower of some description.

Today there is another dimension to the decision making process - riding lawn mowers vs zero turn lawn mowers. The new zero turn mowers are creating quite a stir in a market that is already boiling with new models and sharper, faster and more powerful mowing machines.

Why are zero turn mowers gaining in popularity? The answer is simply because they are incredibly easy to manoeuvre as they can spin on the spot. This is hugely beneficial to gardeners who don't like large expanses of lawns but want more garden beds integrated into their landscapes. With the normal riding lawn mower this is a hard proposition because there isn't as much control in the tractor mowers.

What are the benefits of the zero turn mower vs the riding lawn mower?

The obvious benefit is the increased turning circle. This advantage alone will see more gardeners, and even commercial lawn mowers, trade in the their tractor mowers. Gardener's can now be more expressive in their landscapes without fear of having a lawn mower decimate their flowering annuals and commercial lawn mowers can offer a better service with less off-mower time. It is conceivable that these new mowers could save a considerable amount of time behind a whipper snipper in certain garden landscapes.

Another benefit of the zero turn mower is the rear discharge bag that can hold substantially more clippings than the side baggers. This will save you even more time behind the wheel (though that in itself may not be a benefit) as emptying the grass clippings won't be as often.

What are the disadvantages of the zero turn mowers vs the riding lawn mowers?

Price is the biggest disadvantage of the new zero turn mower. Expect to be paying at least another $1000 more than a compatible riding lawn mower.

Zero turn mowers don't do hills. If you have more than gentle slopes in your lawn then the zero turn mower won't be a good option for you. The mowing deck which sits in front of the main engine part and well ahead of the driving wheels, which is the big advantage of this mower, is also it's downfall. It can become caught on a slope and possibly even tip over endangering the operator or anyone in close proximity.

Check back soon at Lawn Mower Review as we review some of the hot new zero turn mowers and put them through their paces.

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