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8 Steps to growing a "greener" lawn

green lawn
I was inspired by this recent article, Detoxing Green Velvet where Amanda MacMillan shared her 8 steps to a greener lawn. I'm going to use her headings but expand a little more on the key ideas.

  • Don't buy or use synthetic pesticides - this goes without saying. Even if you're not deliberately trying to be "green" when it comes to your lawn you still shouldn't use synthetic pesticides. There are better ways to do this after you've identified your lawn weed.
  • Use least-toxic pest control - if organic methods aren't working for you to eradicate your pest problems then try using products that have the least toxicity. The most toxic brands cn actually just be overkill and a waste of money.
  • Use organic compost instead of fertilizer - this isn't that hard to do. Even using diluted worm castings as a liquid fertiliser in the spring months will greatly improve the green-ness of your lawn and build its structure.
  • Choose an alternative lawn cover - there are so many options that gardeners aren't just limited to turf. Prostrate herbs, dandelions, dichondra etc are all great options that don't even require mowing.
  • Grow your lawn at least three inches tall - this is a great tip for those guys who don't enjoy mowing. The longer you keep your lawn the less it needs to be mown. Keeping your lawn higher has a lot of benefits including requiring less fertilisers as the lawn isn't in a constant state of high growth.
  • Choose tools made from sustainable wood or recycled plastic and rubber, not PVC - makes sense! This may be a little hard to achieve for manay gardeners as these types of tools are usually substantially more expensive than their counterparts. It takes a long-term view to actively seek these products out.
  • Buy garden and lawn furniture made with FSC-certified wood from well managed forests - I'm guessing the FSC-certification is a US deal but in each country there would usually be standards that wood manufacturers would need to adhere to regarding the sourcing of materials. Buy from these guys.
  • Retire your gas-powered lawn mower - this is a great tip. If you've been reading some of LMR's posts you'll have seen a trend towards new robotic and electric mowers that are far better on the environment.

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