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How to lay turf

Like any project in life there is an easy way and a hard way to achieve a great end result. The hard way is to make many mistakes along the way and then try and rectify them later on. The easy way is to do it right the first time. If you follow these steps you're sure to have installed your lawn well and then it's time to hit the hammock and rest those weary muscles.

Step 1. - Ground Preparation

The critical ground preparation

This is the 'make or break' situation. If you don't prepare the soil before you lay your turf you'll create a whole heap of problems later down the track.

  • Eliminate any weeds
  • Remove any roots, rocks or building refuse
  • Make sure there are no hidden surprises lurking below the surface such as broken soak wells, cracking pipes etc

Step 2. - Levelling

Using a turf rake level the sand and feeding mix

The next step in installing your lawn is to add some builder to the soil. Many soil centres sell a product called "Top Dressing Mix" which is meant for rejuvenating established lawns. It is usually a mix of chicken manure, coarse sand and peat or sawdust. In this case I would recommend that you add this to the soil as you are levelling it. It will add so much nutrient to the soil and readily feed the lawn rolls.

When levelling the soil make sure it slopes away from any structures to allow heavy runoffs. Also keep in mind that you need to bring it below any coverings such as paving bricks or concrete pads bearing in mind that it will grow another 2-3cm in height.

Step 3. - Laying the Turf

Start laying from the longest corner

Once your soil is levelled and prepared well it's time to start laying the rolls of turf. Start from the longest corner and work down the longest side. Use a brick pattern effect so that the ends of each roll don't butt onto each other creating a single line. The brick pattern gives the turf strength as the lawn begins to set its roots into the soil during its early days.

Step 4. - Check the Turf Edges

Ensure the edges don't have gaps

If the edges have come apart or their are some that have scorched while they've been laid then cover over with a little 'Top Dressing Mix' or coarse yellow sand.

Step 5. - Watering

Start watering immediately

The key ingredient for a successful start to your rool on turfis to get the watering happening immediately. If it doesn't happen soon after laying you will find that turf will begin to show signs of stress and will struggle to adapt quickly to its new environment.

True Blue Turf have a great watering schedule for your new lawn and also once its been established for a while.

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