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My turf farm excursion

Hectares and hectares of different shades of turf overwhelmed me as I did a trip to a friend's turf farm. Leonard and Riann run True Blue Turf and have been setting it up since last year. The fruits of their labour are now evident as you begin to see the extent of the operation.

They mainly concentrate on their zoysia's, Empress and Empire. However, they still do grow the staples Kikuyu, Winter Green, a fine leaf couch, and Sapphire, a soft-leaf buffalo. They are even venturing into some new possibilities including a sample roll-on mondo grass.

Hectares of lush green turf

Leonard showed us around the farm and we even had a chance to get amongst some of this beautiful lawn and see how it's processed. This machine guides itself along the edge of the lawn ensuring straight rolls every time. This tractor, basically a complete mobile turf processing plant, is only one of a few in Australia and it's hard to see how you could operate efficiently without one. It certainly makes the job quite easy.

Cutting some zoysia to fill a client's order

We needed to cut a few rolls, 20 to be precise, just to finish a clients order and it would have taken less that 15 mins from leaving the workshop to arriving back at it ready to be delivered. The tractor turf processor automatically cuts each roll to a certain width and length sending it up a conveyor belt and rolling it before a person at the back, in this case Rod, takes it and stacks on a pallet. Once the pallet is full it can be removed by a forklift and ferried to a waiting truck or trailer ready for delivery.

Rod working hard to keep up with the machine

At the back of True Blue Turf's farm is a workshop which is surrounded by small plots of lawn. These sample plots allow the customer to view and compare different types of turf available. You can easily see the difference between the blade size, colour and feel of each type of lawn.

The turf farm workshop and lawn sample plots

The irrigation equipment was monstrous and as you can see in this picture it all revolves around a central bore and pump that waters the entire farm. The guys are looking at expanding soon and are planning to put in another 2 central pumps at different places across the farm.

Irrigation equipment

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