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The best time to water your lawn

best lawn time water
Water is a precious commodity and lawns are the biggest users of it. Why? Firstly because they have a huge surface area obviously requiring more water to keep it healthy. Also, due to the surface area it means that evaporation can occur much more rapidly than from shrubs or foliage plants.

Lawns are also unable to be mulched whereas a garden bed can be and will slow down the evaporation and therefore necessity of more water. This is why many people are replacing their lawns with garden beds or laying more paving.

Here's a quick guide for watering frequencies that may be useful for you. I will substitute the month names for season times so that it can be interpreted by gardeners in any part of the world. You may have to adjust this for your own gardening zone but at least it will give you a rough idea.

Month Frequency
Summer #1 Every 2nd day
Summer #2 Every 2nd day
Summer #3 Every 2nd day
Autumn #1 Every 3rd day
Autumn #2 Every 5th day
Autumn #3 No watering
Winter #1 No watering
Winter #2 No watering
Winter #3 Once per fortnight
Spring #1 Once per week
Spring #2 Every 4th day
Spring #3 Every 3rd day

As I mentioned before, you will need to tweak this to suit your own climate but if you follow the pattern it will give you some good watering guidelines.

Once you've adopted a watering frequency plan the next step is to plan for the best time to water your lawn. The worst time is in the heat of the day for as I stated previously the surface area will allow evaporation to occur quite rapidly. You will find that the water you are pouring on will almost immediately be evaporated and won't help your lawn at all. In fact, it may even harm your lawn by burning the tips of the blades.

The best times to water your lawn is early in the morning or after sunset. I would recommend early in the morning as watering before it goes dark may cause some problems with mildew. These times are the best because they allow the roots to take up the required moisture without having to compete with the sun.

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