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Your lawn will only look as good as your lawn mower

It's not that your lawn mower has to look good - it just needs to be good! You would never dream of having your hairdresser chop and hack at your hair with a pair of cheap, blunt scissors because you know that it couldn't possibly result in a good hair cut. The same rule applies to your lawn. Buy a cheap mower or allow your blades to remain blunt and you will need to expect that the condition of your lawn will never be fantastic.

Kathy Kemp from the Birmingham News attests to this philosophy in her article, The way your lawn looks may depend on type of mower used. Kathy even points out that the method you employ to mow your lawn may be jeopardising the look you're trying to attain.

Mow too fast and you may cause the mower to bounce resulting in missed spots or parts that become scalped.

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