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October 23, 2006

Flymo XLT3000 - Multi tool trimmer

flymo xlt3000.jpg
With the growing number of tools and appliances available for the garden the trend for manufacturers is to produce multi tools. Multi tools work on the premise of adding multiple attachments to a single power head. Some multi tools sell with a few attachments while most retail with just the one and others can be bought individually.

The Flymo XLT3000 has a 32cc 2-stroke engine with a Bump Feed head. Weighing less than 6kg its lightweight frame is very adaptable for most gardening chores.

The Flymo XLT3000 comes pre-packaged as a brushcutter but the beauty of this machine is the range of assorted attachments available. Hedgecutters, cultivators, edge trimmers, a blower and pruner attachments are some of the parts in the range.

Prices for the XLT3000 should range from US$230-280 (A$300 - $400).

October 19, 2006

Racing your riding lawn mower

racing-mowers.jpg There's more to consider than just buying a riding lawn mower. Sure, you want a trouble-free maintenance plan, extended warranty, an affordable repayments scheme but more importantly, you need performance. And not just to mow your lawn either.

It appears that lawn mowers were made for more than just mowing the lawn. Racing lawn mowers is now a growing sport.

According to the Lansing State Journal [Link now removed] it's more than a passing fad as well;

The sport debuted on April Fools' Day 1992 and has grown to include about 500 members in 22 chapters nationwide. There's an annual circuit of 110 races, an official pace mower, a Grass Cutter's Ball to kick off the season and a spokesman nicknamed Mr. Mow-It-All. The association's Web site - - lists "Great Mowments in Racing History," including last week's first land speed record for a mower - 81 mph - set at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Drivers race for lawn ornaments, bragging rights and tall trophies, but never money. Locals are invited to bring their backyard mowers, blades removed, to compete in the stock class. These mowers tool around the track at 5-7 mph as crowds cheer them on.

Most competitors make their machines from mowers found on the side of the road with the only limitation being that mowers must have been commercially sold to cut grass and still be capable of mowing lawns, but blades are removed.

So, if you're about to trade your old riding mower or leave it at the disposal site, take another look and consider it's racing options.

October 18, 2006

Inventor turns line trimmer into a hand held mower

Trevor McCoid, a Kiwi inventor, is set to revolutionise the small space garden mowing options. His invention of adapting a line trimmer to become a hand held mower is fast becoming a mini-success story.

McCoid tinkered with an electric line trimmer with a view to replace petrol powered hover mowers. His invention is now being developed in Taiwan by manufacturer Jenn Feng (better known for the Talon brand) and promises to be on the New Zealand and US markets soon.

The advantages are obvious; electric powered, easy maneouvrability and cheap to purchase it's sure to be a winner. On the downside, unless you have a small space garden, lugging this mower for any length of time could become quite strenuous on your arms.

But with the increase in high density living, this is only going to become more popular.

October 17, 2006

How to turn green lawn - brown: Mow short

green lawn brown mow short
Take a look down any street and you will instantly notice varying colours of lawn creating a patchwork effect. Brilliant greens, spotty limes and the occassional rusty brown.

Whoever said it " always greener on the other side..." obviously didn't understand the mowing patterns of our neighbours.

To most people mowing is a chore. And chores are performed as seldom as possible. Therefore, the average homeowner would much rather mow their lawn as low as they can in order to achieve a greater time period between the next mow. Great theory: Poor Practice.

The lower you mow the lawn the greater chance you're creating opportunity for your lawn to suffer. Less green blades means less photosynthesis. Less photosynthesis means deprivation of chlorophyll and eventually your lawn's health deteriorates.

Maintain a good coverage of green on your lawn and it will actually save you more time in the long term. Why? Because it will be healthier and more able to repair and feed itself. It won't require mobs of maintenance and troubleshooting.

October 16, 2006

Lawn tips from the professionals

professional-golf-green.jpg The best advice always comes from those who have what you want. So, if it's a green lawn that mimics that of a golf course or a baseball park then who better to tune into than the person who runs the show.

Justin Johnson, the 25 year old head groundsperson at Fox Cities Stadium in Grand Chute, lawn is his life. So,when he gives some tips on how to make your home lawn as good as his stadium's grass then it may be worth paying attention. Here's 7 tips to help you on your way;

  1. Try to get your grass as healthy as possible in the spring.
  2. Raise the height of the mower to promote the development of a deeper root system. Lower the height heading into autumn.
  3. Don't water it every day, which would be too much.
  4. If grass goes dormant, hit it with a lot of water to get it growing again.
  5. Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize.
  6. Alternating mowing patterns at home, which stands up the grass in different directions.
  7. And remember: "Every lawn is different so there is no set scenario. And with a lot of people it all depends on how much time you want to put into it," Johnson said.

October 10, 2006

Robomower RL1000; the RL850's big brother

robomower rl1000
If you thought Friendly Robotic's first offering, the RL850, was a great day in lawn mowing technology then you'll find its big brother the RL1000 even more enticing.

The obvious improvements are the included docking station that recharges the batteries while the robomower is not in use; the 4 option entry points for the RL1000 to commence mowing your lawn; and the new rain sensor feature. It still features the same 5.5hp engine that the RL850 came with and the the Triple Chamber Mulching system is a standard feature.

These Robomowers are fantastic if you're not keen on spending the weekend mowing your lawn. After some initial setup and programmed times and days have been keyed in, the robomower is completely autonomous. It will start and stop when your programmed mowing has been completed and return back to its docking station to be recharged. This is a great step up from the 850's indoor charging requirements.

If you're worried about children tampering with the programmed settings you can select the optional Child Lock setting which renders the typepad useless to little fingers. And if you're concerned about those little hands becoming part of the mulch, Friendly Robotics have taken that into consideration as well. The RL1000's Safety Sense mower lift detection feature will automatically stop the blades and keep children and animals safe.

I'd love to hear other's reviews on these models but from the reviews the 850 received the RL1000 will be an even greater lawn mower.

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