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How to turn green lawn - brown: Mow short

green lawn brown mow short
Take a look down any street and you will instantly notice varying colours of lawn creating a patchwork effect. Brilliant greens, spotty limes and the occassional rusty brown.

Whoever said it " always greener on the other side..." obviously didn't understand the mowing patterns of our neighbours.

To most people mowing is a chore. And chores are performed as seldom as possible. Therefore, the average homeowner would much rather mow their lawn as low as they can in order to achieve a greater time period between the next mow. Great theory: Poor Practice.

The lower you mow the lawn the greater chance you're creating opportunity for your lawn to suffer. Less green blades means less photosynthesis. Less photosynthesis means deprivation of chlorophyll and eventually your lawn's health deteriorates.

Maintain a good coverage of green on your lawn and it will actually save you more time in the long term. Why? Because it will be healthier and more able to repair and feed itself. It won't require mobs of maintenance and troubleshooting.

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