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Racing your riding lawn mower

There's more to consider than just buying a riding lawn mower. Sure, you want a trouble-free maintenance plan, extended warranty, an affordable repayments scheme but more importantly, you need performance. And not just to mow your lawn either.

It appears that lawn mowers were made for more than just mowing the lawn. Racing lawn mowers is now a growing sport.

According to the Lansing State Journal [Link now removed] it's more than a passing fad as well;

The sport debuted on April Fools' Day 1992 and has grown to include about 500 members in 22 chapters nationwide. There's an annual circuit of 110 races, an official pace mower, a Grass Cutter's Ball to kick off the season and a spokesman nicknamed Mr. Mow-It-All. The association's Web site - - lists "Great Mowments in Racing History," including last week's first land speed record for a mower - 81 mph - set at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Drivers race for lawn ornaments, bragging rights and tall trophies, but never money. Locals are invited to bring their backyard mowers, blades removed, to compete in the stock class. These mowers tool around the track at 5-7 mph as crowds cheer them on.

Most competitors make their machines from mowers found on the side of the road with the only limitation being that mowers must have been commercially sold to cut grass and still be capable of mowing lawns, but blades are removed.

So, if you're about to trade your old riding mower or leave it at the disposal site, take another look and consider it's racing options.

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