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Food Not Lawns?

food not lawns
I'm all for conservation, environmental awareness and sustainable gardening but why is it that whenever someone has a point to make they always pick an unrelated activity to compare it to?

I've just read this article, Food not Lawns, where another obscure columnist has decided to pick on those who enjoy keeping a lawn. Why didn't they choose "Food Not Parks" or "Food Not City Entry Statements"?

A book of the same name has been written by Heather Flores, a permaculture designer, pointing the finger at our desire to have and keep lawns. What permaculturalists don't get is that lawns and sustainable gardening are not mutually exclusive.

We have a vast area of lawn within our gardens and are also contemplating installing an aquaponics system in our backyard. Both can be supported on a small suburban block.

When is someone going to write a book called "Food And Lawns."

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