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Ortho Weed-B-Gon Crabgrass Killer

I'm not a big fan of chemical sprays and would much rather find an organic alternative to controlling lawn weeds than reaching for the shelf. But when even the best organic alternatives can't rid your lawn of the worst weeds then it's time to find something that will.

Scott's have now produced a new crabgrass killer under the Ortho brand name which is guaranteed not to harm your lawn (if used as per the directions) but will destroy not only your crabgrass but also dallisgrass, barnyardgrass, goosegrass, sandbur, vaseygrass, bull paspalum, foxtail and other grassy weeds. It comes in a handy trigger spray that doesn't require mixing and can be safely stored in your garden shed.

Applying Weed-B-Gon Crabgrass killer is a matter of aiming to the centre of the weed and spraying lightly. Within 5-7 days the crabgrass should be completely dead while more established weeds may take a second application. It's best to apply in spring and summer and the warmer the temperature the faster the result will be.

Those gardeners with bigger crabgrass problems than a mere 700ml (24oz) spray bottle can purchase Weed-B-Gon in a 480ml (1pint) concentrate that should do about 640sqm (2100 sq.ft) which can be mixed up in a tank sprayer and applied in a similar way.


Just wanted to say I have a lawn service and recommend your product to all my customers!! It is great for killing clovers and other weeds!

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