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Toro's 51591 and 51598 leaf blowers

toro 51591 51598 super ultra leaf blower vac
Toro's top selling leaf blowers, the Super Blower Vac 51591 and the Ultra Blower Vac 51598, are no lightweights to the blower market. They're receiving resounding applause from owners for their effectivenss and power.

Both the Toro 51591 and 51598 have an airspeed maxing at 225 mph (362kph) yet still boast infinite air control. They're really 3 machines in one; leaf blower, vacuum and leaf shredder. The leaf shredder on the 51591 can reduce 10 bags to one making great mulch or compost additives for your garden. The bigger 51598 can reduce 16 bags to one due to the metal (not plastic) impeller inside.

Both blowers are electric so if you're into fuel powered blower/vacs these may not be an option for you. While the issues with an electric blower are confined to working in inclement weather and limited reach the Extension Cord Lock will ensure that your power isn't accidentally halted.

The Toro 51598 and 51591 both have two year extended warranties which should give peace of mind while hoepfully not necessary.

The only disadvantage of these two models are the conversion from blower to vacuum and vice versa. Other machines offer a blower/vacuum in one while the Toro 51591 and 51598 require an attachment change to occur. This does have it's advantages though as it lightens the machine when you are blowing rather than carry a cumbersome vacuum nozzle around.

The Toro 51591 retails for approx US$70 (A$95) and it's big brother the Toro 51598 markets at US$85 (A$110).

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