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January 4, 2007

Toro Groundsmaster 580-D - For serious lawn keepers

toro professional lawn mower
If you've got a parcel of land bigger than the suburban backyard and you want to mow it quickly then Toro's new Groundsmaster 580-D is worth considering.

Able to mow 14½ acres per hour with its three engaging decks and adjustable cutting widths from 8½ - 16 inches Toro's professional mower is useful for city councils, contractors, large schools and even greenskeepers.

The beauty of this machine lies in its maneuverability as it inches itself around corners and getting into places that many smaller mowers struggle with.

From the manufacturer's own website;

The remarkable agility of the Groundsmaster 580-D means you can trim less than an 18" circle around trees, around a 90 degree corner, or turn back 180 degrees with no uncut grass remaining.

One of the other benefits which stand the Groundsmaster out from its competition is its Breakaway Decks which will instantly swivel inwards if the operator misjudges any obstacle. These swiveling decks also make it possible to mow in confined areas with the same machine.

The plethora of attachment options will keep the boss perplexed in decision making mode for some time and include the ROPS Hard Cab or Canopy instead, Atomic Mulching Blades, Diagnostic Tools and a Rotary Broom to name a few.

As a professional piece of equipment don't expect much change from US$75,000 for one of these though.

January 2, 2007

Looking after your lawn mower in the off season

lawn mower
As summer finally retreats and your lawn begins to slow its growing rate it's time to consider what will happen with your lawn mower. As most gardeners will just put it away as the onset of winter begins there are a few points to consider so that you it starts again in spring.

Tom from Home Improvements Depot has produced a great guide with 9 handy tips to winterizing your lawn mower. These tips are extremely practical and will serve you well as you put the mower away.

I would add on comment though, and that is it would pay to put a cover over your mower during the winter months. Don't use plastic as this will store condensation and eventually rust your mower. Instead, cover it with a clean cloth cover that can breathe but won't let any dust in.

As most lawn mowers are stored in the shed, sawdust, grime and other dust particles can build up on your machine and cause a heap of problems when you go to use it in spring.

Otherwise, stick to Tom's guide and you will find your mower starts first time and keeps running well when it is most needed.

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