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Lawnbott Evolution LB3200

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The Lawnbott Evolution is not the first robotic mower we've assessed here at Lawn Mower Review. However, it is the first one that's ever developed Adaptive Programming Technology.

Sure, even the robotic mowers we have reviewed here previously have been intuitive enough to return to their base plate and work out the perimeters of the lawn, but this product has a little something else. Not only can it achieve these now standard operations it is the first to offer this technology that can sense higher grass and respond accordingly - either mowing higher or lower.

Having been developed in Italy for more than 7 years by Zucchetti it's being imported by Kyodo America. Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to export these machines to Australia but at US$2,500 they might be a little expensive for our market anyway.

The Lawnbott Evolution has 3 separate channels allowing it to mow one area, return to its docking station for a recharge and then continue on with the next channel. It can even sense when the battery is getting low and return automatically for a recharge.

Like most robotic mowers it requires a perimeter cord to be dug under the surface of the grass outlining the lawn's boundaries. I'm sure it won't be long before the next wave of technology in these mowers will be GPS coordinated.

Lawnbott's range doesn't just stop with the LB3200. It's big brother, the LB2000 is the professional version weighing almost double that of the lesser LB3000 Deluxe Lawnbott. For those looking for something a little cheaper the LB3500 may end up entering the market for a smaller price but with most of the features that the other three enjoy.

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