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March 28, 2007

Secret lawn fertiliser recipe

green lawn.jpg
If you were told that you could make your own lawn fertiliser using only 5 household products, what would you think? And, what if you were told that this home-made recipe was good enough to make your lawns really green - greener than the neighbours, in fact?

Now that you're tuned in, what if I went a step further and said that the recipe was developed by a former golf course greenkeeper? Would you be a little interested in at least finding out what the five ingredients were? Would you even consider trying the recipe and at least testing it on the neighbours patch of turf first?

Well, the suspense is over as Paul from Wise Bread lifts the lid on a secret tonic that will help your grass grow during the spring growing season. Here's the recipe;

* One full can of regular soft drink (any kind-no diet soda)
* One full can of beer (no light beer)
* 1/2 Cup of Liquid dishwashing soap (do NOT use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid)
* 1/2 Cup of household ammonia
* 1/2 Cup of mouthwash (any brand)

Mix all this together in a hose-end sprayer and drench your lawn with it, applying every 3 weeks or so when the high temperatures hit.

How does it work?

  • The liquid soap is a wetting agent, helping the formula penetrate the roots.

  • The ammonia promotes growth and turns your lawn green.

  • The mouthwash does something you would never suspect mouthwash would do. It kills the bugs and grubs.

  • The soft drink is high in acid which invigorates new growth, and

  • The beer is full of natural acids that will promote root growth and should stabilize the soil

So you might be able to walk past the fertiliser aisle this season without being tempted by all the green advertisements, confident that your secret lawn fertiliser recipe is doing the job.

March 22, 2007

Imagine this...

Most people take good care of their lawn mowers because they realise their investment in the machinery. Most people, that is...but not this guy....

March 17, 2007

Sunlawns new LMM range

Last year I was recommending Sunlawns new addition to the push mower family - the MM-1. This year, it seems that Sunlawn has extended itself yet again and produced another top-selling range.

The Sunlawn LMM series, including the LMM35 and the LMM40, are a couple of kilo's lighter and sport a lower cutting height. Their precision sharpened blades mean that this new range is even more capable of achieving a lower cut than their older brothers and other push lawn mowers on the market. Sunlawn is even touting that the blades should have a longer life increasing their range from 7-10yrs to 8-10yrs.

The LMM push mowers come with a segmented roller and optional grass catcher and are reasonably priced for a durable mower at US$159 for the LMM35 and US$179 for the wider LMM40.

If you're scaling your lawn down or you only have a postcard size turf, then this is a great option and should be as popular as last years offering.

March 3, 2007

Kubota ZD-300 series zero-turn lawn mowers

kubota lawn mowers.jpg
Earlier this year, Kubota unveiled a new range of zero turn mowers titled the ZD-300 series. Comprising 5 different models; ZD321(54" and 60" Deck), ZD326 and the ZD331 (60" and 72" Deck) they are certainly going to be turning a few heads.

And why shouldn't they? All five models sport the diesel Kubota engine (either 21hp, 26hp or the big 31hp) which is touted as using 30% fuel than similar sized petrol engines, with fewer emissions and much less noise. Yet, what they lack in environmental causing problems they make up for in performance and reliability.

The three homeowner models come standard with deeper mower decks, easy maintenance access and high-capacity transmission systems. The fully powered diesel engines prove more than capable of dealing with wet grass, slippery traction conditions and coping with slopes.

Even though wet grass can often become a problem for most mowers these Kubota zero turns seem to handle it with efficacy. Apart from their great traction features they are also able to cut wet grass and discharge it with a minimum of fuss.

For a great rundown of this series Deen Implement Co. carries the a blow-by-blow description with easy to see maintenance views.

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