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June 2, 2007

Kubota mowers - G Series

kubota mower G series.jpg
Kubota's G-series mowers are a viable alternative if you're searching for a new ride-on and shouldn't be your last stop after searching the major brands - although I think you could be convinced even then.

The real advantage Kubota mowers have over some of their competitors is the liquid-cooled diesel engine - that's right, I said 'diesel' - which offers 21 horsepower. Diesel engines are by far more efficient and require less maintenance than their petrol-guzzling counterparts. Plus, they work cleaner. For those who love their petrol powered mowers, Kubota can accomodate you with the G2460 model offering more grunt with their own 24hp engine.

Couple both these engines with the G-series large fuel tank and you will find that even commercial contractors won't need to refuel until the end of the day.

Kubota's G-series are constructed using their innovative ladder frame chassis while many of their competitors use C-Channel frames. While both are good, most reports tend to favour the ladder frame due to its increased torsion stability.

Comfort hasn't been missed either with electronic steering, onboard height adjuster and a suspension seat.

By their own admission, Kubota compares itself with John Deere's X485 and comes up a little short in the specs department. But when you consider the price difference between the two models you have to seriously ask yourself whether the X485 is worth all the extra attention.

In the past Kubota mowers haven't been pretty machines but they have certainly taken great strides in the aesthetics of this series.

Would I own one? The diesel model - no problems.

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