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October 10, 2006

Robomower RL1000; the RL850's big brother

robomower rl1000
If you thought Friendly Robotic's first offering, the RL850, was a great day in lawn mowing technology then you'll find its big brother the RL1000 even more enticing.

The obvious improvements are the included docking station that recharges the batteries while the robomower is not in use; the 4 option entry points for the RL1000 to commence mowing your lawn; and the new rain sensor feature. It still features the same 5.5hp engine that the RL850 came with and the the Triple Chamber Mulching system is a standard feature.

These Robomowers are fantastic if you're not keen on spending the weekend mowing your lawn. After some initial setup and programmed times and days have been keyed in, the robomower is completely autonomous. It will start and stop when your programmed mowing has been completed and return back to its docking station to be recharged. This is a great step up from the 850's indoor charging requirements.

If you're worried about children tampering with the programmed settings you can select the optional Child Lock setting which renders the typepad useless to little fingers. And if you're concerned about those little hands becoming part of the mulch, Friendly Robotics have taken that into consideration as well. The RL1000's Safety Sense mower lift detection feature will automatically stop the blades and keep children and animals safe.

I'd love to hear other's reviews on these models but from the reviews the 850 received the RL1000 will be an even greater lawn mower.

May 6, 2006

Cordless electric lawn mowers

cordless electric lawn mower
Using electric products in the garden may be more environmentally friendly than their fuel-powered counterparts but they also more frustrating. Gardens and lawns are not the best suited for dragging an electrical cord around them attached to a piece of machinery that is only focussed on getting the job done.

The same is true with lawn mowers. The first electric lawn mowers to hit the market were, of course, those that required an extension cord connected to an outdoor power point or being fed through a window into an indoor electrical socket. These types of electric lawn mowers still exist and are still being manufactured but fortunately there is a new breed of electric mower - and it's cordless!

Cordless lawn mowers are powered by rechargeable battery systems usually with NiCad 24V currency. The NiCad batteries have a 1000 cycle life expectancy and after overnight recharging will guarantee 30-45 mins of lawn mowing time.

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