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July 29, 2006

The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

best electric hedge trimmer
My wife bought me an Ozito electric hedge trimmer for my birthday nearly a month ago now. We have a lavender hedge at the front of our garden that I've previously hacked at with hand shears. While that's been a source of much joy and a recurring challenge my wife decided to alleviate my suffering and purchase me this great electric hedge trimmer.

While this model carries a 450 watt motor and 2100 SPM (nearly double that of it's brother the CGH-180K Cordless Hedge Trimmer), it's main selling point is the price. Try on A$40. Choice tested 8 electric hedge trimmers (between 400 and 650W) that retail for up to $A300. Each of these machines were either on a par with the Ozito or only marginally better with the increased price tag.


So what makes this the best electric hedge trimmer? Firstly, it's lightweight and after half an hour of cutting through some difficult hedge branches I still wasn't feeling any gravity from this gardening tool. The bar was a good size and enabled me to cut my hedge in only one direction but would work just as fine if I had needed to do it from both sides.

The dual blades made easy work of this lavender even though it had to be cut back quite hard. One of its greater advantages is the ability to trim the hedge without a string line placed through the middle. Its variable speed cutting action enabled me to keep a good eye on where it was heading and counterweight as appropriate.

Unfortunately this model is only available in Australia.

  • Stuart Robinson
  • Busselton, Australia
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