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December 8, 2006

Lose the Lawn

As a fervent gardener I'm very keen to see more people interact with their gardens and grow more trees, shrubs and natives. However, when the argument for lawn vs garden comes up I find myself with one foot in both camps.

Regardless of some people's abhorence to growing lawns I find that they are a integral part of family life and are complementary in landscape design. Therefore, you will never find me beating the drum for either viewpoint but I enjoy challenging those that vehemently make a stand.

Then I came across Lose the Lawn, a US business helping homeowners replace their postage stamp lawns with landscaped gardens. This is a great idea, insofaras it helps people get into and enjoy the garden more than have some contractor come and routinely maintain their lawn.

Many people would prefer to have gardens anyway and the small scrap of lawn that adorns their house is a remnant ideology from the 50's. People are now replacing the lawn with paving, beds filled with native plants and reducing their watering, fertilising and pesticide use.

The only disadvantage to this notion that I see is that people might become too obsessed with the paving aspect and replace beds with container plants. This creates a whole plethora of problems including water drainage and the inability to suppress heat.

Provided these problems don't emerge I take my hat off to Lose the Lawn.

  • Stuart Robinson
  • Busselton, Australia
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