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October 23, 2006

Flymo XLT3000 - Multi tool trimmer

flymo xlt3000.jpg
With the growing number of tools and appliances available for the garden the trend for manufacturers is to produce multi tools. Multi tools work on the premise of adding multiple attachments to a single power head. Some multi tools sell with a few attachments while most retail with just the one and others can be bought individually.

The Flymo XLT3000 has a 32cc 2-stroke engine with a Bump Feed head. Weighing less than 6kg its lightweight frame is very adaptable for most gardening chores.

The Flymo XLT3000 comes pre-packaged as a brushcutter but the beauty of this machine is the range of assorted attachments available. Hedgecutters, cultivators, edge trimmers, a blower and pruner attachments are some of the parts in the range.

Prices for the XLT3000 should range from US$230-280 (A$300 - $400).

  • Stuart Robinson
  • Busselton, Australia
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