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April 5, 2007

Toro's Multicycler is a green machine - that's red

toro multicycler.jpg
Toro can't get away from their trademark red even when their new Mutlicycler range of push mowers is so - green.

The green mower is based on its revolutionary recycler technology that chops the grass blades into tiny particles and then returns it deep into the lawn, hidden from view. Now, this isn't the first mower that's mulched lawns with its own cuttings but it is the first mower that can achieve this without the unsightly two-day old brown clippings.

Toro claims that these cuttings are not seen and as they're fed back to the root source, they mulch the grass and decrease the lawns need for watering.

The Multicycler range, due out before Easter in the UK, has three models each sporting a not-so-green 190cc Briggs & Stratton petrol engine and a sturdy 48cm (19in) cutting deck. And while most operators will choose to use the recyler option it's good to know that you also have the ability to beg your clippings if you desire.

Selling for GBP399 including VAT for the base model, they're not the cheapest lawn mowing option. However, with the environmental benefits and the structural quality we've come to expect of Toro they're still a good deal.

Source: PR NewsWire

March 17, 2007

Sunlawns new LMM range

Last year I was recommending Sunlawns new addition to the push mower family - the MM-1. This year, it seems that Sunlawn has extended itself yet again and produced another top-selling range.

The Sunlawn LMM series, including the LMM35 and the LMM40, are a couple of kilo's lighter and sport a lower cutting height. Their precision sharpened blades mean that this new range is even more capable of achieving a lower cut than their older brothers and other push lawn mowers on the market. Sunlawn is even touting that the blades should have a longer life increasing their range from 7-10yrs to 8-10yrs.

The LMM push mowers come with a segmented roller and optional grass catcher and are reasonably priced for a durable mower at US$159 for the LMM35 and US$179 for the wider LMM40.

If you're scaling your lawn down or you only have a postcard size turf, then this is a great option and should be as popular as last years offering.

April 28, 2006

Toro 20055 SR4 Super Recycler lawn mower

toro 20055 lawn mower super recyclerIf the John Deere aluminium push mowers were a little out of your price range, then you might find Toro's offerings a little easier to swallow.

Toro's SR4 Super recycler range consists of 6 models from the 20053 up to the big 20058 are well-priced aluminium decked mowers. If you were not after aluminium then the steel Recycler range would be a great place to start. These products from Toro have all had great reviews and the range has been around for a couple of years, these models superseding their older brothers.

The features that the 20055 have is incredible for its price and I think it stands out as a great lawn mower. Things like rear-wheel self-propulsion and the aluminium deck are what you would expect to get on mowers that are probably 50% more expensive than these and Toro has done a great job keeping the price down.

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April 25, 2006

John Deere's Aluminium JA62 and JX75 Lawn Mowers

john deere ja62 jx75 lawn mower
Aluminium lawn mowers are more expensive than their steel peers because they don't rust and the cast alloy is less likely to crack. Is it worth the expense though? I guess it depends on how you plan to use your mower and how long you plan to keep it for. If it were a mower you plan to hand on to your grandchildren then aluminium would be the way to go. However, if you plan to replace your mower every 10 years or so then you may find the additional price for an aluminium cast deck is unwarranted.

For those who like the aluminium decks you might want to check out John Deere's new 21-inch offerings. The JA62 and JX75 models look fantastic and coming from John Deere you would assume they're going to last the distance.

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April 15, 2006

Sunlawn MM-1 push mower

sunlawn push mower MM-1
A push mower is by far the most energy efficient and environment friendly mower that you could buy. In fact, is recommending the big brother of the MM-1, the Luxus 38 as their lawn mower of choice.

A push mower is a great way to mow your lawn with minimal service requirements and no power needs. And while there may be more effort on your part to actually mow the lawn there are limited differences between the push mower and a reel mower.

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